In the immediate post-operative recovery period, a liquid diet should be maintained. Patients may feel temporarily drowsy and nauseated from the anesthesia.


When liquids are tolerated satisfactorily, the diet may be advanced to a regular diet with no restrictions on types of foods.


A low-grade fever is common during the first several days after the operation. It is often associated with inadequate fluid intake and should be treated by increasing fluids and using Tylenol or Motrin type products. Please seek medical attention immediately should your child's temperature rise above 102°.


There should be minimal discomfort on swallowing following an adenoidectomy. Ear pain can also occur following surgery. This is usually referred pain and not related to the ears at all. Both Tylenol and Motrin can be used for pain relief.


Bleeding following surgery is rare. If bleeding is persistent, or vigorous, call 911 or go the nearest Emergency Room.

Bad Breath

It is very common for children to develop bad breath after an adenoidectomy. This is not a sign of infection. It is part of the body's normal healing process. The bad breath can last seven to fourteen days.


Your child may resume usual activities a few days following surgery in most cases. Please remember "Every body is different".


A post-operative check-up should be scheduled for approximately TWO WEEKS after surgery.

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